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    There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing hardwood floors for your home or commercial site. MasterCare is available to walk you through every step, bringing expert advice and decades of experience to create the perfect floors for your application.

    Wood Species

    First, decide which wood species you would like. In the US, we refer to domestic hardwoods as those from North America and exotic hardwoods as those from everywhere else. Wood species should be chosen based on the intended use of the floors (high traffic areas will need a harder wood), the location of the floors (will they be at, above, or below grade?), and the desired aesthetic (hue, grain, etc.)

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    You’ll want to choose hardwood floors that compliment the building they’re in. For neutral floors that will go with any aesthetic and won’t be outdated, choose classic, consistent flooring in a light color. Floors with character can enhance your personal aesthetic with width, color, and texture options.

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    Flooring Types

    Solid wood floors are made from single pieces of wood and are best at or above grade. Engineered wood floors are made from various plys of different woods and can be installed anywhere.

    hardwood flooring types


    If you are interested in a particular color or hue, pick out flooring that will best accommodate your stain choice. Together, your wood species and stain choices can create a color to match your current woodwork, your home decor, and your lifestyle.

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    The amount of maintenance you plan to do to keep up the look of your hardwood floor will help determine your best finish type. Swedish finish is alcohol based and is the most durable and long lasting choice, only requiring light cleaning. Water based finishes last nearly as long as traditional Swedish finishes but are better for the environment and human health. Oil based finishes give a warmer feel, but require recoating at signs of wear.

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     Custom Design

    Consider your space and decide whether a custom border, medallion, or geometric pattern within your hardwood floors would enhance your aesthetic, making your space unique.

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