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    MasterCare Flooring has perfected the process of creating beautiful hardwood floors for residential and commercial use. Our approach has been refined over decades and has resulted in award winning floors and thousands of happy customers. We work with you every step of the way from consultation and design through the last finishing coat.

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    We’d love to hear from you. We’ll put you in touch with our sales team within 24 hours. You’ll have the opportunity to describe your flooring project and ideas and we’ll help you schedule a consultation within the next week.

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    At your consultation, our expert craftsmen will evaluate your current space, discuss your hardwood flooring options, and lay out the service process. We’ll determine how to handle your existing floors and subfloors, how to prepare your space for the service, give you a pricing estimate and payment options, and a service date and schedule.

    Pre-Service Preparation

    Before your first scheduled day of service:

    • Move all furniture out of the service area. Let us know if you need assistance.
    • Remove drapes, art, and any other items on the walls, ledges, or shelving.
    • Don’t worry about carpeting or subfloors. MasterCare handles all necessary demo work.
    • Be sure pets are removed from the area where the service will be taking place. Pets should either be taken to another location or locked in a room away from the service area.
    • Keep the temperature in the service area warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Temperature regulation is important in creating the right atmosphere for hardwoods to acclimate to your space.

    Service Time

    On the days of your service, you can decide whether to be present or not. If the service is confined to one room, you may use and stay in the rest of the house. Should the service take up a greater portion of your space, you may want to relocate for the time being.

    Your MasterCare craftsman will keep you updated on the progress of your service.


    Let’s Work Together