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    Our Flooring

    At MasterCare, we source the highest quality wood from around the world. We then determine the best flooring type, the most appropriate installation method, and the right finish to create the perfect hardwood floors for your residential or commercial space.

    Hardwood Species

    hardwood flooring types

    We have reliable hardwood sources around the world. Whether domestic or exotic, we’ll get the highest quality wood in the species of your choice. Learn more »

    • Oak
    • Walnut
    • Cherry
    • Birch

    Flooring Types

    hardwood installation

    Solid or engineered? Thick or thin planks? Long or short planks? Whatever your preference, we’ve got the flooring type to suit your needs. Learn more »

    • Solid
    • Engineered
    • Parquet
    • Plank

    Installation Types

    hardwood warranty

    How your hardwood floors are installed is dependent on a number of factors. MasterCare does it right every time. Learn more »

    • Nailing
    • Stapling
    • Gluing
    • Floating

    Hardwood Finishing Types

    hardwood finishes

    Your finish determines the sheen and color of your hardwood floors and can protect it from scratches and scuffs. Learn more »

    • Oil Based
    • Water Based
    • Hard Wax
    • Penetrating

    Eco-Friendly Products & Services

    hardwood species

    MasterCare offers environmentally safe floor treatments and stains to protect the earth and your home. Learn more »

    • Sustainable Wood
    • Non-Toxic Finishes
    • Environmentally Safe Cleaners
    • Dust Containment Services


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