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    eco friendly hardwood flooring services

    MasterCare has access to a wide range of environmentally sustainable and responsibly harvested hardwood suppliers from around the globe. We believe that offering quality wood from a reliable source is the first step in creating your beautiful, durable hardwood floors.

    Environmentally Safe Products

    MasterCare offers environmentally safe floor treatments and stains to protect the earth and your space. Using professional grade, water borne and low VOC finishes, we ensure that your home or commercial site is safe from harsh toxins and chemicals used by many manufacturers and contractors. These products increase indoor air quality and decrease the risk of illness due to indoor pollution.

    Dust Containment Services

    In keeping with our commitment to environmentally safe practices, we use the Bona dust containment system that pairs a two-step cyclonic intake system with a hospital-grade HEPA filter to ensure control of all airborne particulates. This keeps dust from making a mess in your home and from irritating the people and pets that live there. It also makes for a healthier working environment for our valued craftsmen.


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