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    clean hardwood floors

    Keep your floors clean and lustrous using natural products and a little TLC. MasterCare also offers hardwood floor cleaning services to help you get dirt, grime, and stubborn stains out of your floors.

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    Cleaning your hardwood floors is necessary to preserving their beauty. It is important to use the appropriate products and materials to avoid doing damage. Follow these steps using products from a quality, trusted brand like Bona:

    1. Vacuum your floors carefully
    2. In the areas where you floor looks dirty, use a hardwood floor cleaner to dissolve the dirt.
    3. Wipe the floor clean with a soft mop or cleaning pad.
    4. Rinse the mop and ring it dry as needed throughout the process.
    5. If your floor still looks dull or has minor scratches, use a polish or refresher. Apply one even coat and let dry for at least two hours.

    The type of finish that has been applied to your floors is  important in determining how you clean them, so consider this when choosing a product. Too much water or a water/vinegar mixture will dull a hardwood floor finish. Abrasive cleansers can scratch floors and oils and waxes leave a residue.

    For hardwood floors finished with a surface sealer like urethane, polyurethane, or polyacrylic, the best cleaning method is to sweep or vacuum. These finishes are stain and water resistant, though it is still not recommended that you mop them. Spills can be immediately wiped up with a damp cloth and then dried.


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